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TEAM Accessories currently holds capability for the following aircraft:

  • C1 Rating -Air Con & Press: DC10, MD11, MD90, MD80, B717
  • C4 Rating -Doors – Hatches: DC10
  • C7 Rating -Engine – APU:
    • JT3D Fuel Components: B707, DC8
    • JT8D Fuel Components: B727, B737-100/200, DC9
    • JT9D Fuel Components: B747, B767, A310, DC10
    • CFM56 Fuel Components: A320, A340, B737, KC135R
    • CF6 Fuel Components: A300, A330, B767, B747, DC10
    • CF34 Fuel Components: Bombardier CL 601/604/605, CRJ100/200/440
    • ALF507 Fuel Components: BAE Avro RJ
    • APU Fuel Components: GTCP131-9/331-200/-250/-350/-400
  • C9 Rating – Fuel Airframe: DC 10, MD11
  • C12 Rating – Hydraulic Power: DC10
  • C14 Rating – Landing Gear: DC10
  • C15 Rating - Oxygen; Various
  • C17 Rating – Pneumatic & Vacuum: DC10, MD11


TEAM Accessories also holds C6 Ratings – Equipment capability for safety equipment, including slides and rafts on the following aircraft:

  • BAE 146, RJ75, RJ85, RJ100
  • Boeing 737 Classic, NG 757, 767
  • DC10, MD11
  • Airbus A300, A310, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340


capability.jpgOur skilled technicians also have the capability to maintain and overhaul turbine engine accessory components installed on a variety of engines as well as light and heavy industrial turbines.

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